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Health & Safety


“Everyone has the right to the life, liberty and safety of one’s own person”

Art.3 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

HSE AP Services

AP Engineering support all companies in the obligations under HSE regulation to guarantee the health and safety of the employees during the work. The HSE regulation obliges companies to protect the health of workers through the maintenance of adequate safety standards in the workplace. The law identifies the employer as the sole responsible person in the business. Such qualification implies that he / she must carry out all such actions as:

  • to reduce hazards and risks in general;
  • to perform all activities according to risk assessment;
  • to inform and to trai employees to mantain the behaviour to guarantee safety;
  • to check the health status of the employees ;
  • to demonstrate the application of the healt and safety rules.

How we support you

We work with a consolidated scheme which guaratees to reach your target and scope in very short time. Our scheme expects:

  • Free Preliminary analysis of your need with the scope to define the process, timing, costs;
  • Issue the HSE plan shared with you;
  • Periodical meeting with the company board and HSE department
  • Inspections and checks performed by our qualified inspectors to verify HSE rules application;
  • Inspections and checks performed by our qualified inspectors to perform test and measurment to evaluate:
    • noise risk
    • fire risk and fire plan evacuation
    • chimical risk
    • biological risk
    • work stress risk
    • risk of machieries which the employees use
    • risk for pregnant
    • vibration risk
    • Atex risk
    • and more and more
  • Issue all HSE documents;
  • Indication of solution if we find non conformities

Why choose us

  • Because improper HSE management leads to accidents, civil and criminal proceedings for the company
  • We have high Competence in HSE activities;
  • We have big Experience in HSE activities;
  • We have great knowledge of the HSE standards;
  • Our inspectors are qualified and trained in HSE activities;
  • We don’t joke with you future because your future is our future
  • All our clients are satisfied of our service and support;
  • We want to guarantee the safety of you and your clients.

Do not trust which promise easy certifications because  who promise this, will not risk anything. All risks are for your Company. Contact the experts, contact AP Engineering

Our Results

We don't promise dreams, we realize your dreams.