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What means to certify a product

Certification is the process through which a manufacturer or importer declares that the product complies with the essential safety requirements established by a particular regulation.

What products shall be certified

The products to be subjected to certification are all those for which there is specific regulation that requires it (example European Directives or FDA regulation or etc..)

Do I have to export to a extra EU country, what are the procedures to follow?

If a manufacturer has to export to an extra EU country, they must first check the applicable safety standards and the country specific requirements. It is very easy to make mistakes or misunderstandings as each country has its own legislation.

the product extra UE has been blocked at the customs. What shall you do?

It is important toask an expert consultant who know how to solve the problem since mismanagement which can meanimportant costs and fines. If your goods have been blocked call us because we have great and many years experience in this field.

What are Non Distructive Testing (NDT)?

The NDT are special testing methods using non distructive techniques to assess the status of the weldings, for example, performed by qualified personnel and inspectors

Why do you need to performe NDT?

Because it is the best way to prove the state of conservation without the need to destroy the part under examination.

Why is it important to perform periodical inspection of your products?

Because it is important to maintain and to verify the safety requiremens periodically . A safe product is a product that does not cause harm to people and things during work and safeguard your employees and your business.

I have to buy a used machinery for my company, what I have to do

I must check that the machinery is in good condition, that all safety systems work and that the certification, the manuals, the drawings and all the documentation of periodic checks including maintenance manual. are available

I have bought a machinery and I have verify that the documents are not available, what should I do?

all us to analyze the situation together and find the best solution to be comply with the national regulations and standards.