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International Certification


Any company with an extra EU market shall do particular attention to the “Certification” rules of the country in which it intends to export its products. Each country, similarly to Europe, has its own regulations to ensure compliance with the safety requirements for products destined for its domestic or industrial market. Too often these rules not known by companies lead to blocking of goods in their customs. It is therefore important to know and comply with the regulations by assessing right from the very beginning the right certification process, the time and the costs to get it.

How we support you

We work with a consolidated scheme which guaratees to reach your target and scope in very short time. Our scheme expects:

  • The Free Preliminary analysis of your need with the scope to define the process, timing, costs ;
  • The explanation to the client the preliminary analysis and our quotation;
  • Pre compliance test in our office to solve all problems before to perform official test in the laboratory, reducing timing, cost and possibility to pass all tests without not conformities;
  • Our supervision during the official test to guarantee to obtain the Certificate
  • We prepare all necessary documents, we review your manual and label according Safety standards

Why Choose us

  • We have high Competence in Certification process
  • We have big Experience in Certification process
  • We guarantee to reach your scope in short time. Our results demonstrates this;
  • All Clients, followed by us, obtained the accreditations;
  • We have great knowledge of standards;
  • we don’t joke with you future because your future is our future
  • All our clients are satisfied of our service and support.

Do not trust which promise easy certifications because  who promise this, will not risk anything. All risks are for your Company. Contact the experts, contact AP Engineering

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Our Results

We don't promise dreams, we realize your dreams